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Balboa Park, San Diego - USA




Balboa Park


Situated within the border of the city of San Diego, in California, the Balboa Urban Park is an open space area with a mix of natural and cultural character. Gardens, zoo, museums, theater, restaurants and shops, an incredible magnificent area like no others. A park of this kind has already gained the reference to be the largest urban park of North America, a 1,200 acres of magnificent beauty and cultural treasures. Created in 1835, the park is also one of the oldest in US and since 1977 has been listed as a National Historic Landmark.


Being open all day and night (for 24 hours) and offering a free entrance, the Balboa Park is a visiting occasion that no one should miss. Some attractions come with a fee, like museums and cultural spaces, but park grounds, botanical spaces, gardens and other have free access to everyone.


The park takes the name from the Spanish explorer Vasco Nez de Balboa, the XVII century conquistador and the first European to lead an expedition through the Pacific Ocean from the Americas and the New World, just conquered after the Columbus voyage. Be inside the Balboa Park is like exploring a new world, as it might have happened centuries ago. In total, it hosts 16 and more museums, above all the San Diego Museum of Art and the San Diego Natural History Museum, plus more than 16 different gardens (not to miss the the Botanical Building and Reflecting Pool, the Alcazar Gardens, the Casa del Rey Moro Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Marston House Garden, Palm Canyon, and the Zoro Garden.


Have a visit to the Balboa Park and have a relaxed day of charm and cultural curiosity. A variety of restaurants and eateries will feed all budget, while watching the sunset and the beautiful sky from one of the many terraces, just before sitting for a play at the Old Globe Theatre.


San Diego - USA

GPS coordinates: 32.731462,-117.152399

Balboa Park, San Diego - USA